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About Us

Our Company : We offer a wide range of jewellery and accessories catered specifically to men, women and children.
Our products are diversified and we offer a wide range of jewellery. We have products such as 18 ct, 9 ct white, rose and tri gold, platinum, 925 silver, diamonds, gemstones, chains, bracelets, earrings, rings, bangles and a lot more. Our jewellery is packaged in as environmentally-friendly materials as possible thus you are assured of our awareness and the care for the surroundings.

Our aim is to help you find the jewelry that perfect meet your needs.We have so many worldwide gorgeous jewelry collections ,such as PANDORA/Thomas Sabo/Swarovski/Starlight/Rosa Lea/Nomination/Links of London/ChloBo/ALEX AND ANI .we were all thinking to provide high quality Jewellery to everyone. As we are all Jewellery makers and designers, we handcraft every single piece and make sure our end user will be fully satisfy. We start posting in Facebook, Instagram, ETSY, Youtube ads, etc. At last, We seems all forgot what Jewellery really means to everyone.



Our mission is to be the premium online supplier for every jewellery need that you may have. Through this mission, we want to be able to employ people from diverse backgrounds and create a working environment full of fun and a lasting camaraderie.


Social Responsibilities

We are aware of the implications of being in the jewellery business. We always make sure that the manufacturers and suppliers that we work with completely adhere to the Kimberley Agreement for blood diamonds and also that child labour is not used in the production of any of the pieces we offer.


Supporting Good Causes

All of our efforts in our business have corresponding chances of giving back to the community. A percentage of our yearly profits go to our preferred charitable/non-profit good causes. Our customers can also join in this social responsibility act by choosing to support our chosen charities and non-profit organisations. Please see separate pages for our supported good causes.


“Jewellery is a piece that represents Love”

Love by Family, Love from Friendships, and of course, Love for the Chosen One.

Most of the people are now only comparing the Jewellery pieces, the brand, the price or even the size, but they forgot the meanings from it.


“We want to show the Lovely Message”

We came across this point and we all suddenly awaken. We start develop a new design theme and now here is our First Collection.


“Hidden Message”

We start draw out a few Simple Designs that can be wear daily. Although we knew Engrave is not a special technique nowadays, but we would like to provide Your Hand Writing or Drawing and Laser Engrave in our designs. Each piece will be unique with your Special Love Message to your Chosen One.


“What do you mean Hidden?”

Special Message is always to your Special One, maybe you do not want them to show out too easy, that’s why we have the designs with a simple outfit but the message is always at the back, that is why we call “Hidden”. Of course if you want to show out, you can request us to engrave at the front=)


“You can feel your memory from a Message”

Please remember there are always “Love”, and that is what we want everyone to know.